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For Institutions

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Measure Your Students' Abilities Across 3 Domains

All TOEFL® tests measure skills across 3 domains: academic, navigational and social/interpersonal. These domains encompass the skills needed to learn and succeed in the classroom and on campus. Each TOEFL test is designed for a specific range of English proficiency and academic level — meaning it's tailored to your students' abilities, giving you better information about their English-language abilities. Download the brochure.

  • Academic

A Quick Reference Guide to the TOEFL® Family of Assessments

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Resources and Services for Institutions

From recruiting students, to setting TOEFL score requirements, to viewing TOEFL test taker data, we offer the helpful resources and value-added services you need to bring qualified students to your institution or program.

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ETS Preferred Network (EPN)

Find a local TOEFL representative near you.

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Core Principles of the TOEFL Tests

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Trusted Score Information

Score reports include proficiency descriptors, information about test takers’ strengths and weaknesses, and relevant CEFR levels.

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Academic Content

Measure test takers’ ability to use language in an academic context.

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Focus on Communication

Tests focus on communication skills, not just vocabulary/grammar.

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Best Practices in Language Testing

We follow rigorous test development processes, provide accessibility accommodations and use best practices in scoring.

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Robust Research Program

Ongoing research supports all TOEFL assessments. Use of item response theory (IRT) ensures scores are trustworthy.

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