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Curbing America's Reading Crisis

A new report explores the struggles children face in learning how to read and offers recommendations to address the reading crisis in America.

Digital Information Literacy is More Than Tech Savvy — it's Critical Thinking

ETS research scientist Jesse Sparks explores the intersection of critical thinking skills and digital information literacy.

Collaborative Problem-Solving

Sparked by a grant from the National Science Foundation, a team of ETS research scientists, led by Jessica Andrews-Todd, highlights the value of collaborative problem-solving in STEAM fields.

Top Stories

The Impact of Structural Stigma

Learn more about the first ETS convening on the impact and mitigation of structural stigma on test performance and school success. 65 researchers, practitioners and policymakers discussed the impact and mitigation of structural stigma on test performance and school success.

Read the Taxing the African-American Student publication.

Researchers Build a Training Course for Teachers of English Around the World

Learn more about Teaching Academic English (TAE), a developmental course built by ETS researchers to support teachers around the world who teach English as a foreign language.

ETS Women in STEM

Hear how ETS's Women in STEM are breaking barriers and opening doors for future women leaders in STEM fields and industries.

Watch the video on ETS's Women in STEM

Research that matters

Through our research, ETS works to improve teaching and learning, ensure opportunity for individual learners, and inform education policy and assessment.

Big Educational Challenges

Improving teaching and learning

ETS is working on innovations today that can enhance teaching and learning in classrooms tomorrow.

Expanding opportunity for individual learners

ETS strives to ensure its assessments and tools are valid, fair and accessible to every learner.

Informing education policy and assessment

Our research and policy studies strive to address many of today's pressing issues in educational assessment.

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