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A middle-school African American girl at a microscope in a classroom science lab writing her notes.

ReadReady Assessment

Identify Students Struggling with Basic Reading Skills

By the time students reach upper elementary school, they are expected to have mastered basic reading skills. By fourth grade, students should be "reading to learn," not learning to read. But this is not the reality for many students who continue to struggle with basic reading skills well beyond the elementary grades. The ReadReady assessment was developed to help identify these students and provide teachers with detailed information to target the specific areas in which students are struggling.

Test Content and Format

The ReadReady assessment is a web-administered diagnostic reading assessment for students in grades 3–12, composed of six subtests:

  1. Word Recognition & Decoding
  2. Vocabulary
  3. Morphology
  4. Sentence Processing
  5. Reading Efficiency
  6. Reading Comprehension

Each subtest looks at a specific component of reading that may be affecting a student's success. These component reading skills are often not measured by other assessments that focus only on reading comprehension.

The first five subtests each take approximately 5–10 minutes to complete. The Reading Comprehension subtest takes 20–30 minutes. You can administer all six subtests at once, or any of the subtests individually to target certain skills. The test is browser-based, no installation is required.

Performance Levels and RTI Framework

The ReadReady assessment provides scaled scores and grade-level percentiles for each subtest. The reports indicate student performance levels, making it easy to determine the skill areas in which a student may need extra instruction. Score reports include RTI tier assignment and activity suggestions.

Over time, these results can help monitor a school's progress toward improving student reading skills, and evaluate the effectiveness of a reading program.

Research Behind the Assessment

The ReadReady assessment is based on the RISE/SARA research, which has been shown to predict state reading scores and performance on other standardized measures of reading comprehension. This research has also been used to identify students who are likely below proficient on a state test.

Read the RISE/SARA technical report for more details.

Contact Us/Request a Demo

Within the United States:
To request pricing or a demo of ReadReady, contact our approved U.S. distributor, Capti Voice at [email protected], 1-888-533-7884 or visit the Capti ReadReady website.

Outside of the United States:
For general information or to inquire about use outside of the U.S., contact ETS at [email protected].

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