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A middle-school African American girl at a microscope in a classroom science lab writing her notes.

School-based Programs and Services

Informed teaching improves student learning.

ETS's school-based assessments and school improvement services offer educators proven tools and methods to develop teaching and learning.

Institute for Student Achievement

The Institute for Student Achievement (ISA), a division of ETS, is working to help close the achievement gap. Led by Stephanie Wood-Garnett, its mission is to help transform public high schools so that students who are traditionally underserved and underperforming can graduate prepared for success in college.

Learn how ISA can help improve graduation rates and student achievement in your school

The Criterion® Online Writing Evaluation Service

This web-based, instructor-led writing tool helps students plan, write and revise essays. With immediate diagnostic feedback and opportunities to practice writing at their own pace, the Criterion® Online Writing Evaluation Service gives teachers a comprehensive writing solution to improve student outcomes.

Learn how the Criterion Online Writing Evaluation Service can work in your school

The ReadReady Assessment

The ReadReady assessment is a web-administered diagnostic reading assessment for students in grades 3–12. This test helps to pinpoint areas of need in reading for individuals and for groups of students.

Learn how ReadReady can help measure student reading skills

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