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Knowledge Sharing Center
The Knowledge Sharing Center is a hub for content that will cover a range of topics and aim to provide insight into subjects that affect the K–12 landscape.

Assessment has played a long-standing role in the educational landscape, but technology and new accountability measures now give schools, districts and states greater flexibility in how they deliver K–12 assessment. This provides an opportunity for stakeholders to look at how student success is measured and to make sure assessment supports improved outcomes for students and the educational goals of the state.

Formative assessment guides learning, takes various forms, and gives teachers and students actionable feedback.

Interim assessment provides a point of reference on student learning during the year and informs adjustments in resources or curriculum strategies during the academic year.

Summative assessment is an accountability assessment that evaluates student learning at the end of the year. It provides a broad view of student and school educational performance and allows districts and states to measure how well learning and teaching is meeting required state standards.

In-Depth Analysis of K–12 Assessment Issues

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