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A female teacher working with a diverse group of middle school students in a computer lab,


A shared vision

K–12 educators have a vision — to help students achieve their full potential.

We share that vision. Fostering collaborative relationships, we take the time to understand your specific needs. We then mobilize our resources on your behalf to design and execute large-scale summative assessments that provide the valid, reliable and defensible data needed to:

  • understand student achievement
  • demonstrate accountability
  • develop positive teaching and learning environments

Insights you can count on

We measure what students need to learn, then deliver insights you can count on to help meet your objectives.

ETS is a nonprofit organization with a long history of teaming with states, organizations and the assessment community. Ranging from research and psychometrics to item development and end-to-end custom assessment work, ETS K–12 Student Assessment Programs maintain a focus on your needs and ultimately the student learners we serve.

Working together

Learn more about the programs on which we collaborate with our clients to bring expertise, insight, responsiveness and new ideas.

State Assessment Programs

Federal Collaborations

Professional Collaborations

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