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Partners in Growth
Welcome to the next wave of collaborative innovation from a global leader in assessment technology. With ETS® Accelerate, we partner with you to develop the transformative EdTech solutions that will fuel your organization’s success.

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Propel Your Business Forward

Open new doors with ETS Accelerate

With our IP and expertise, the possibilities are endless.


This collaborative program with LearnLaunch, designed for early-stage startups, provides entrepreneurs with funding, resources, mentorship and support.


Enhance your products or services, or join us to develop something new.

Products and Capabilities

Our portfolio of fair, valid products and proven capabilities are trusted worldwide.

Research and Development

With our portfolio of R&D resources, we’ll help you accelerate the growth of your enterprise.

General Business Development Opportunities

Whatever your strategic needs, we're ready to help.

Get to know us

Learn how ETS Accelerate can help you meet your business objectives. Whether you’re seeking products and capabilities to enhance your offering, or looking for new business development opportunities, we can help.

Advance Your Business

ETS® AI Portfolio

Built on patented machine-learning technology and grounded in decades of ETS natural language processing (NLP) research, the ETS® AI Portfolio can help you create innovative business solutions.

Explore the ETS AI Portfolio

We can help with that!

ETS Accelerate connects EdTech with research-based knowledge and business development to help you provide more value to your customers.

If you're a new or established business that wants to license IP, is looking for a partner or seeks to collaborate, we want to work with you.

Ready to expand your business? Let's get started.

Contact us

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